July 27, 2023
Running out of Power
It happens far less often than you might think, but even so this topic fills a lot of people with understandable dread.
Running out of Power
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Running out of power in an electric vehicle (EV) on the road is similar to running out of fuel in a conventional vehicle - it's something you'd want to avoid. However, if it does happen, here's what you can do in the UK.

What you can do in the UK?

  • Call for Assistance: If you're a member of a breakdown service like the AA, RAC, or Green Flag, you can call them for assistance. Some of these services have small, mobile charging units that can provide enough charge to get you to the nearest charging station.
  • Use a Roadside Pay-As-You-Go Charger: Some regions in the UK have emergency roadside chargers, but these are not common everywhere.
  • Request a Tow: If no other option is available, you may need to request a tow to the nearest charging station.

To avoid running out of charge

  • Plan Ahead: Most modern electric cars have a range of over 100 miles, and many new models can go over 200 miles on a full charge. Plan your journey ahead of time, taking into account the range of your vehicle and the locations of charging stations along your route. Take a look at ChargeTrip for your EV route planning.
  • Use a Charging Station Locator: There are several smartphone apps and websites that can help you locate charging stations. Some of these, like Zap-Map, are specifically tailored to the UK.
  • Pay Attention to Your Battery Level: Just as you would keep an eye on your fuel gauge in a conventional vehicle, it's important to monitor your EV's battery level while driving.
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